About US

Hello, my name is Matt Matthews (Yes I know its a bit a of unique name) and I’m a car enthusiast or as some would say a car nut. I grew up around cars, tinkering and fixing with them. That exposure early on led me to really love cars, I love everything about cars, learning about them, driving them, work on them, making them fast, and even writing about them, which is what lead to OnCarBrands. I want to share my love and knowledge with the rest of the world which is why I created this site.

OnCarbrands is a website dedicated to car brands and car models, include the logo of brands and new cars being released. in the future we will expand into other areas as well, in the meantime we are developing the content for this site.

OnCarBrands is owned by SHG Digital Media, which owns a network of sites in various topics and fields. this site is run/edited  by Matt Matthews. If you would like to contact Matt you can do so by sending us an email to Matt@oncarbrands.com or you can visit the contact us page.

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