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Cars today are essential to our lively hood, from transporting goods and services to transporting people, cars play an important part in our society. To some individuals vehicles just provide an utility function, to other they mean much more. In fact, many people get really invested in the vehicle culture, learning everything about the cars they drive or want to drive, working on them, owning them. Some people tend to stick to one car model while others stay with the same car brand their entire life.

Since the early days of the automotive industry, car manufacturers have been branding their cars with their brand names and logos.  Henry Ford started putting the Ford name as early as the Model T and many others soon followed. The reason that car  builders started branding their cars was to help distinguish their car models from the other ones on the road. However over time many people developed an attachment to certain brands creating a loyalty to a certain car brand that sometimes stems generations.


Do Car Brands Still Matter Today?

Volvo car

Car Brands matter today as much as they did 100 years ago when automobiles were being first established. Initially the brands were created to have their vehicles stand out, today automobile brands are about loyalty and brand ownership. For example Toyota’s car for the longest time ranked well in performance and maintenance reliability, as a result the Toyota brand and their cars became known as very reliability and sturdy vehicles, that performed well and lasted a long time without defects. As a result of that brand ownership the sales of Toyota cars exploded, to the point of challenging GM in world wide sales.

Sometimes brands get stale or associated with a certain demographic such as Buick or Lincoln being associated with an older client bases. While many younger U.S. car buyers may not consider Buick hip and trendy, in China the Buick brand is considered a luxury automobile brand, which also shows you how automobile brands can be viewed differently from region to region and country to country.

How are Car Brands Measured now?

There are two ways auto brands are measured today, one is on sale with GM being the leading car brand in terms of global sales with Toyota not being far behind. The other measure is in terms of safety and reliability.  That is often done through vehicle through a number of crash test and seeing how it performs. There are some smaller measures not of car brands but of car models like the Car and Drive magazine car of the year award.

 What is the most valuable Car Brand?

One of the most commonly asked questioned is what is the Most Valuable Car Brand and like the question about how auto brands are measured it can be a bit complicated. Because an auto brand with the most sales may not be the one that makes the most profit per sale or may not be valued by the consumer as much, maybe the resale value on those vehicles isn’t as much as it is on other brands, so its very difficult to quantify an auto brand without additional information on what questioner values.

How many Car Brands are there world wide?

1911 Buick

There are about 100 automobile brands world wide, many of them local brands for example the Marussia car brand is owned by Marussia Motors but its only manufactured and sold in Russia as are many other brands of vehicles. Many vehicles are built and sold to local and regional markets as a result manufactures create a distinct car brand for these markets. There are very few automobile brands that are global in nature, a few that come to mind are Toyota, GM and some of the luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz and Lexus. Which brings us to our next point that many brands are owned by the same company. Toyota builds both car under the Toyota auto brand and Lexus cars on the same assembly line, they also manufacture vehicles under a number of different auto brands. As a result 98% of cars built and sold are done so by the following automobile companies.

  • GM
  • Ford
  • Chrysler
  • Mercedes
  • BMW
  • Porsche
  • Fiat
  • Honda
  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Hyundai
  • Volkswagen

 Complete Car List

While we listed some of the main auto manufactures, there are many other smaller ones. In fact there are about two dozen car manufacturers world wide and about two hundred different car brands, basically too many to list here. However, we did compile the complete list and are more than happy to share that you. You can find the complete list of automobile manufactures and brands over here.

In Conclusion

Car brands have been around since the dawn of the auto industry. Even as car makers have come and gone one thing that stayed the same is the need to brand their cars. There are many active car brands today, being produced by two dozen or so car manufactures. The car brands are measured in terms of sales and reliability.  Maybe you even have a favorite one.

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